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The dairy sector


Packaging for butter, margarine and masmix mixes contain a large amount of fat and relatively small amounts of water, for packaging we offer laminates such as aluminum-paper, aluminum-PE-paper or ecolin films. Such packaging provides proven protection against fat oxidation under the influence of light and is a very economical solution.


For the consumer packaging, mainly three-layer PE co-extruded tape (co-extruded) white or black and white are used. This material largely limits the access of light to the packaged milk, especially in the range of the wavelength unfavorable from the point of view of preserving the taste. In the case of powdered milk, our company proposes using proven laminate structures as high barrier packaging with any flexographic printing.

We supply about 40% of national dairy plants in foils and laminates.

Thanks to a modern printing machine (without gears) we can make photo prints up to 8 colors while maintaining the best quality and repeatability of printing.


For packaging cheese we recommend foil and laminates made and printed taking into account all necessary properties of the packaged product such as pH and water activity. Thanks to the use of PEEL technology and open-close we also offer upper laminate coverings with an easy-to-open layer.

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