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Extruders – machines producing foil with the method of vertical extrusion with a regulated surface, powered by 3 worm extruders.  Thanks to a slow rotation in respect to the cooling ring, a stress-free foil sleeve is obtained, which is folded in the form of a sleeve.  Later in the extrusion process the foil may undergo additional processing in the form of perforation, activation or local overprinting, and it is coiled as a sleeve or tape.

Our machine fleet is constantly renewed.  The application of new, computer-controlled machines in the production of the foil guarantees high quality of the product, which is used in the further production process and constitutes a strong basis of the final product.

Because we blows films ourselves, we can modify them depending on the client’s needs and, for example to get the requirements of the pharmaceutical market.

We have several layer extruders. They enable the production of modern coextruded polyethylene films. Extruders are equipped with gravimetric dosing of raw material and electronic control of thickness and width of produced films. Each of the component layers can have individual properties depending on the needs and the strength of multilayer films is much higher than a single one of the same thickness

A modern flexographic printer – a machine with a central cylinder, print stations equipped with chamber squeegees and electronic print inspection, printing with the convex print method.

Our machines are able to successfully match the quality of rotogravure printing and ensure consistent quality with lower expenses for preparation and execution of work. Printers work at speeds of 300 m / min, and with the help of a sleeve roller exchange system, we are able to quickly change the order and put a new job into production. Because we use the most modern technology in the flexo technology, we are not afraid of difficult orders, as evidenced by the good opinions of our clients.

An experienced staff of print operators also has well-equipped facilities at their disposal. We believe that constant quality control in combination with the total processing of the project and finally its printout significantly affects the positive assessment of the final recipient. Therefore, we have our own photopolymer processing and wrapping studio.

Lamination – combining the surface of at least two materials with glue, molten plastic or heat. As a result of this process, multilayer materials are created that combine the properties of individual layers, the layers being selected so that they are complemented with each other.

Solvent-free lamination does not require the use and discharge of solvents into the atmosphere, it uses chemically or thermally crosslinked adhesives. Often, relatively thin plastic films (e.g. OPP, PET) laminate with each other using an internal printing (sandwich), which substantially increases the aesthetics of the strength of the material compared to the external print on a single film of equivalent thickness.

D.K.LAMIN has modern solvent-free laminating machines of the well-known and respected manufacturer NORDMECCANICA, equipped with an electronic control and dispensing system of glue, adjustment of film tension and activators. Thanks to the use of HD machines, it is possible to work on thick materials used eg. for thermoforming.

We have modern lines for the production of flat bags as well as popular types of standing packaging: stabile-pack, doy-pack, box-pack. Our packaging can have a number of usable properties, from notches to handles, pendants, easy opening cuts, to string closure systems, hook and loop fasteners.

Below is a full photo gallery of our machine park.