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Co-extruded polyethylene films, standard and heat-shrinkable, transparent and colored, with easy opening and closing systems.

Laminates in various layers, eg OPP / OPP, OPP / PE, PET / PE, PA / PE, PP / OPP, PET / PET / PE, PAPIER / ALUMINUM and others with overprint, interlayer or unprinted printing, with the possibility of use of metalized or colored films, also thick-film laminates used for thermoforming.

Packaged packaging (bags) HDPE, LDPE, CPP, OPP, PE / ALU / PET, PET / PE with or without print.

PE, PP and laminated tape for packaging machines with flexographic raster printing.

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Plastic films and packaging

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The food industry is taking more and more initiatives towards EU recycling targets that promote fully recyclable packaging.

You can also find such packaging in our offer. Thanks to our own research by the R&D department, we have implemented the production of barrier packaging that can be recycled.

For years, we have been consistently reducing the weight of our packaging in order to reduce the amount of raw materials used and thus reduce the impact of packaging on the environment.

We have access to processed raw materials that are approved for contact with food products, we cooperate with leading polyolefin producers to implement new safe packaging systems, eliminating polyester or polyamide from their composition.

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