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15-521 Białystok-Zaścianki, Szosa Baranowicka 72D
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D.K. LAMIN is a producer of polyethylene films, heat-shrink films in tapes, sleeves and half-sleeves, films for dairy products, frozen foods, pharmaceutical packaging, bags packaging, laminated tapes for all packaging machines.

We also offer services in the field of flexographic printing, cutting, sealing and individual graphic designs.

Our products are manufactured on a modern machine park made by leading manufacturers of plastic processing and production lines.

We have been operating on the plastic market since 1990, offering a wide range of our products at domestic market and abroad. Our clients take advantage not only of the high quality and punctuality of orders, but are also offered consultations and technical support regarding the technology of further processing of our foil.

D.K. LAMIN cares about its customers, permanent clients enjoy large discounts and the guarantee of shortened mode of ordering and receiving the products, they are also continuously informed about changes and company’s plans.  New buyers have at their disposal professional service and consulting regarding the product, they can also use discounts depending on promotions and the size of the order.


The company was given the title of “Employer – Organizer of Safe Work”.


D.K. Lamin obtains the first place in the region and is given a prize and a cup.  In the scale of the whole country the company takes 3. place and the diploma of the National Work Inspectorate along with a medal.


The company wins 1. place in Poland as a Plant of Protected Work.

Recognizing the achievements, the President of the Republic of Poland congratulated the company, expressing his support in the creation of safe places of work by P.P. D.K.Lamin


Launch of the first in the country gearlees printing line – BOBST


The first in the country installation of the highly repetition machine IMPERIA-SOMA


Belonging to the Gazelles of Business club, as the most dynamically growing company in the SME ranking.


First prize in the “Employer-Partner 2013” competition.

The company cares about its employees, by making available health care within the plant, partially financing their holidays and by offering interest-free loans.  D.K.Lamin is also active in the social field.  It supports, with money and goods, children’s homes, mentally disabled youth homes and societies for the struggle with disability.  The company supports especially the centre for mentally disabled in Zaścianki, but it does not refuse help to individuals in need.

D.K.Lamin was established in January 1990 as a civil company and from the beginning have been involved in the production and processing of plastic films and packaging. As the first private company in the country, it launched the production of a multilayer film for the packaging of meat products, cheese and fish.  The very same year the company developed its activity introducing to the market thermo-shrinkable films in the form of tape, sleeves and half-sleeves; at the same time the production of foil for  milk was commenced.

In 1994 the production of HDPE bags was started, which were produced as the first ones in the region.  In 1995 a new plant was built, adjusted to the employment of disabled people.

1994 - 1995

On 15 April 1996 D.K. Lamin received the status of an institution of protected work.  This was due to the company’s proper social conditions, medical office with a qualified staff (a doctor and a nurse), properly adjusted work places and industrial TV.  Cooperating with PFRON (National Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled) and the Regional Employment Office, the company is creating new work places and employs disabled people.


In 1997 the production was extended with products bearing flexographic prints in 6 colours, and in 1998 was commenced a line for the production of LDPE bags (light bags with handles of the “bean” or “ear” type).  In 1999 the production line of bags was enlarged and extended and packaging also for pharmaceutical market.

1997 - 1999

The year 2001-2002 is a breakthrough year in the company’s history, in these years a modern printing line based on the toothless system was launched – which was the first installation of this type in the country. In addition, the production of laminates with the solvent-free method was started and new processing techniques were introduced based on modern cutters and automatic sealing machines.

2001 - 2002

In 2006, a new line for pressing foils with improved strength parameters was commissioned, and a modern control system based on modernized internal laboratory was introduced.


In 2013, the production of laminates based on thick-film materials, which can be thermoformed, was launched. In the same year, a new production management system was introduced and an additional print preparation department was launched.


D.K.LAMIN manufacturing facility has expanded significantly with the installation of new production lines for multi-layer packaging of addicted user functions.


Introduction of new company development strategies, based on R & B research and a modern packaging design.


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