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  1. Film production
  2. Modern flexographic printer
  3. Lamination
  4. Packaging
Extruders – machines producing films using vertical extrusion method, with adjustable folding surface, fed by screw extruders. Thanks to slow rotation movements in relation to the air ring we get foil free of tensions, which is then formed into sleeves. In the further stage of extrusion the film may undergo additional processing such as perforation, activation and localized printing and it is rolled up as sleeves or tapes. We continually renew our machine park. Production employing films and new computer controlled machines ensures high quality of products, which are then used in the further production process. That feature is a strong point of our final products. We have our own foil production which we may adjust to the needs of the clients and the requirements of particular sectors, such as pharmaceutical market. We owe multi-layer extruders, which allow us to produce modern co-extruded polyethylene foils. The extruders are equipped with gravimetric metering systems for dosing raw materials and electronic control of thickness and width of produced foils. Each component layer may display individual properties tailored to the needs, while resistance of multi-layer is much greater than resistance of single foil of the same thickness.
Modern flexographic printer – a machine with central cylinders, printing stations equipped with chamber squeegees and electronic print inspection, applying relief printing technique. Our machines allow us to compete successfully with the quality of rotogravure printing and to guarantee stable quality at lower expenditure for preparation and production. Our machines operate at the speed of 300m/min and due to liner system of printing shafts exchange we are able to change the order quickly and launch production of new products fast enough. We are not afraid of demanding orders because we employ state-of-the-art flexo technology. Our clients confirm that with their positive feedback. Experienced team of print operators have also a well-equipped base at their disposal. We are convinced that constant quality control combined with comprehensive project processing and finally its printing significantly contributes to the positive evaluation of the final user. For that reason we have our own photopolymer processing and covering studio.
Lamination – bonding of surfaces of at least two materials with glue, melted plastic or heat. As a result of that process we get multi-layer materials combining the properties of particular layers. The layers are selected in such a way so as to ensure their complementariness. . Solvent-free lamination does not require use or emission of solvents to the atmosphere. It employs chemically or thermally cross-linked glues. It is a frequent practice to laminate relatively thin plastic foils (such as OPP) applying internal print (sandwich), what considerably increases the aesthetic value and resistance of the material as against surface print on single foil of the comparable thickness. D.K.LAMIN has modern solvent-free glue laminating machines manufactured by a well-known and highly regarded producer NORDMECCANICA. They are equipped with electronic control and glue metering systems, foil stress regulation and activators. Thanks to HD machines we may work on thick materials used for thermoforming for example. Customizing should be understood as a range of production operations by means of which we roll and cut the materials in accordance with the needs of the customer. Additionally, we may perform the process of packaging formation leading to production of finished bags and sacks. We are equipped with modern cutting and hot-sealing stations which offer various possibilities of welding finished packagings in the form of flat bags and popular packages such as stabilopacks or doypacks.
Of the concept of packaging hide manufacturing operations which we make material winding, cutting accordance to customer needs, we also perform molding system in the forms ready packaging bags or bags. We have modern cutting and welding stations that offer a wide variety of opportunities to seal the finished packages in the form of bags both flat and common types of stabilopack or doypack.

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Photos presenting our machine park