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Dairy sector


  • Butter:

Packagings for butter, margarine and masmix-type blends with high fat content and comparatively low water content. We suggest to pack them in laminates such as aluminium-paper, aluminium-paper-PE or ecolin-type films. Such packagings provide tried protection against fat oxidation under the influence of light and moreover, they are very economical solutions.

  • Milk:

Milk for consumption is in most cases packed in black or black-and-white three-layer PE co-extruded tapes. That material is able to limit to a great extent the exposure to light, specially as far as long waves are concerned, which have adverse effect on preservation of taste. In case of milk powder our company suggests to use proven laminate structures as packagings with high barrier properties, with flexographic print of your choice.

We provide films and laminates to around 40% milk processing establishments located in the country.

Thanks to our modern (and gearless) printing machine we may perform photo prints consisting of up to 8 colours and retaining the best quality and print repeatability.

  • Cheeses:

We propose to pack cheeses using foils and laminates manufactures and printed in consideration of all the necessary characteristics of the packed product, such as its pH and water activity. Since we employ the PEEL technology and open-close solutions, we may offer also top covering laminates with peelable layers.