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  • Normal and heat shrinking co-extruded polyethylene films, colourless and dyed, with user-friendly opening and closing systems.
  • Laminates with various arrangement of layers, such as: OPP/OPP, OPP/PE, PET/PE, PA/PE, PP/OPP, PET/PET/PE, PAPIER/ALUMINIUM and others with top coat print, interlayer print and without print; it is also possible to use metalized or coloured films; we also offer thick-film laminates used for thermoforming.
  • Finished packagings (bags and sacks) HDPE, LDPE, CPP, OPP, PE/ALU/PET, PET/PE with print or without print
  • PE, PP tapes, as well as laminate tapes for packaging machines with flexographic raster print.


In 2013 P D.K.LAMIN enterprise launched a new service -lamination of thick-film materials with thickness exceeding 200 microns.

Implementation of that technology allowed us to offer also thick-layer foils for thermoforming exceeding 200 microns in thickness.

Within the framework of the project for improvement of print quality we launched a new covering line, which ensures repeatability of printing forms’ installation and higher quality of the final print. Printed heat shrinking film –hot-sealing packs for 2L, 1.5L and other bottles with reduced thickness and increased durability.


  • Printing
  • Cutting
  • Lamination
  • Hot-sealing


  • Report printing 1320mm (SOMA FLEX IMPERIA)
  • Lamination exceeding 200 microns (NORDMECCANICA HD)